Frequently Asked Questions

How high can I go with the Hunting Blind?

By far, this is the most frequently asked question we receive. There are several schools of thought. We estimate that 90% of our Blind customers put their Blinds at 10 feet high. Then another 5% are 12 feet and then the last 5% are 8 feet. Some guys want to get as high as they can and go 16 feet or even 20 feet. You will need mechanical help like a LULL to get over 12 feet high. Even with a crew of 4 you will not be able to stand up the base as demonstrated in our video past 12 feet. IT IS NOT SAFE TO TRY AND STAND THE BASE UP PAST 12’ SO DON’T DO IT. After hunting from Blinds for several years, we can tell you that the deer in your area are not afraid of the Blind regardless of the height. Once you put human scent near the Blind or movement that they see, then they will avoid that area for a while. When setting up your area before the season and when going in and out of your Blind, use scent products to mask your scent so that you do not alert deer to your presence. Deer are constantly monitoring the area for movement. If they see movement, they focus in on it to determine if it is a threat to them. So, if you are moving about above the windows in the Blind, they will most likely pick up that movement and make a determination whether to continue to study that movement or get out of that area. Hunt inside the Blind just as if you were in any other stand. In conclusion, we strongly recommend 10 feet.

What is included with the Blind?

Our Blind includes: Powder Coated Welded Steel Base with Deck, Powder Coated Safety Railing, Powder Coated Welded Ladder with Safety Handles, Walls with Stand-Up Viewing Windows, Steel Roof with Underlayment, Hinged Custom Crafted Windows, Door with Hinged Custom Crafted Window and Door Handle, Marine Grade Carpeting, Camo Painted Exterior, Painted Interior, Anchor Assembly, Small Shelf & Large Shelf, EZ Pull Set-Up Kit.

How does the pricing work?

We think Warren Buffet put it best when he said “Price is what you Pay and Value is what you Receive”. We use the highest quality materials we can find. Our Shacks are built “Military Grade” and will last for many years even decades. That cannot be accomplished by building Blinds using cheap materials built by cheap labor using cheap tools. We have invested in highly skilled workers using top of the line commercial tools. So, check out our pricing at the bottom of each product page in the website. There are promotions that we advertise throughout the year so make sure you ask us about any potential promotions that we have running now or any promotions that we may be offering in the near future.

Are the 4x4 Legs and Braces included ?

Over the years, it seems that half of our clients do their own installation and purchase the 4x4 legs and braces on their own and the other half of our clients have us do the installation and purchase the 4x4 legs and braces from us. The prices for the 4x4 legs and braces are in the pricing section at the bottom of the product page. They are treated lumber.

What is the Deck for?

There are two types of entry into a hunting blind. The ladder directly into the door and the Deck with a side entry that you enter standing up. We choose to build our Blind with the Deck. We feel that it is a matter of safety and that is why we pioneered the Deck entry in the first place. We are flattered that most of the competitors now have decks of some sort. It simply helps reduce the number of injuries in the field.

Do the windows fog up ?

In the northern areas during deer season in the late fall many hunters put a heat source in the Blind because it gets very cold. Most of those heat sources are propane heaters. Almost immediately after the propane heater is fired up, the windows will fog if all the windows are closed. Leaving one or more of the windows open will keep the fogging to a minimum. We do offer a thermo-pane glass upgrade and pricing can be found in the pricing section at the bottom of the product page. The thermo-pane glass will also fog up right after the heater is fired up but they will start to un-fog about 20 to 30 minutes later.

How is the Blind delivered?

Our Blinds come in what we call “Knock Down”. That means that the Blind comes with the walls and roof unassembled laying flat and will be erected at the location it will be set up at. There is a photo in the gallery of the Blind ready for shipment and being loaded on a truck. Check out our video on this website for a demonstration of our Blind being set-up. If a client will be using a skid steer, tractor or LULL they can request the Blind to come “Built”. That means that the Blind is fully assembled and ready to lift.

How do I get the Blind?

You can bring a trailer to our facility and pick it up. Or we can deliver your Blind(s) which will includes a delivery charge. Our current delivery rate is in the pricing section of the product page.

Do you come out and install the Blinds?

We have literally installed hundreds of Blinds and encountered just about every scenario. We charge $599 for the first Blind and $399 for all the blinds after that with a maximum of three Blinds per day. We bring a three person set-up crew. We have an installation guideline form that we will email you in advance of the installation date. It will cover all of the requirements needed to prepare the area for installation. It is important to note, that our installation crew will NOT carry the Blind components through the woods to be installed. We require that we be able to drive right to the installation location with a pick-up truck and trailer or a UTV and trailer.

Can I install the Blind myself?

Yes, and it is a fun project for most hunters. It typically takes about 2 hours to install a Blind for the first timers who watched our video. We recommend using 4 guys but it can be done with 3 when going 8’ or 10’. If you decide to go 12’ then you will definitely need 4 guys minimum. There is a great video in this website that shows you exactly how to install a Harvey Allen Blind yourself. If you decide to go higher than 12’ you will need a large tractor or a LULL type fork lift to get the blind that high. TIPPING THE BASE UP PAST 12’ IS NOT SAFE SO DON’T DO IT.

Can I order custom sizes?

Yes. We have built several custom size Blinds for clients. Just send us an email with what you are looking for and we will be happy to get back to you with pricing and lead time. Keep in mind that building one custom Blind takes a lot more time to complete and can take up to 5 weeks depending on how busy we are at the time you order. Plan ahead and everything will go just like you want it to go.

I have been told that because the Blind is made out of wood it is going to rot. Will it ?

This is typically coming from our competitors that are manufacturing plastic blinds and feel that spreading false information helps their sales. Of course wood will rot when it is sitting in moisture for long periods of time. Our blinds are dry 15 minutes after a rain storm as there is simply no place for water to puddle. The metal roof is pitched and the painted walls are all vertical. The water simply drains right off. We hear from clients all the time that have purchased a Blind 8 or 10 years ago that say their Blind still looks new. So, the answer is no, our Blinds do not rot.

Can the deer see you in the blind?

Yes. Of course deer can see movement in the windows. Deer will see practically any movement in the woods or on a field. You have to hunt from a shack with the same attitude as any other stand and always respect the survival skills of wild game.

Is the gun shot loud in the Blind?

No. The muzzle of the barrel is outside the Blind and pointing away from the Blind. The blast is no louder than shooting from a normal tree stand.

How long can I expect my Hunting Blind last?

Just like any structure on your hunting land, there is maintenance. Touch-up paint and greasing hinges is about all. The base is not going to wear out in your lifetime and probably not in your grandkids lifetime. But, the Blind will give you many many years of enjoyment. Perhaps even decades.

If I order 20 Blinds do I get a better price?

What do you think? Of course. We are hunters just like you but we are also business owners just like you. The more Blinds you order, the more economies we get and can pass along to you.

Do you sell just the steel base?

Yes. We get asked this question a lot. We sell just the base on occasion but not as often as we would expect. Just ask us and we can include a base or bases for you in our next production run.

Do you sell just the steel base?

Yes. We get asked this question a lot. We sell just the base on occasion but not as often as we would expect. Just ask us and we can include a base or bases for you in our next production run.

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