DIY Deer Blind Kit

Do It Yourself Hunting Blind Kits

"The base is the hardest part of the build"

We have heard this thousands of times since we started building hunting blinds thirteen years ago. And it is true.

BUT, NOT ANYMORE! We have done all of the hard work for you in our welded and powder coated steel base. It makes building your blind simple. It makes installing your blind simple. It keeps your blind square and solid. It will make you blind last 5 times longer in the field.

The DIY Kit comes with the complete base and safety railing, ladder attachment bracket, safety handle, a complete set of drawings, complete materials and cut lists, 6 months access to our "members only" online instructional videos, and a link to our weekly Zoom call for any questions you have while planning, building or installing your blind.

Customize Your Blind to whatever you want to build!

You can follow our plans and materials or you can customize your blind and change whatever you want for materials, windows, doors or whatever. You are in charge of whatever you want to build.

We have built nearly 700 blinds and have learned just about everything there is to learn about building blinds. When you purchase a DIY Kit from Harvey Allen Outdoors you will have the same knowledge that we have about building blinds. Best of all, you will know what NOT to do before making the mistake and having to rebuild or scrap things.


DIY Kit Includes

  • Welded Steel Base Frame with deck and safety railing

  • 4x4 leg holders are welded onto the base

  • Safety grab bar for entry onto blind deck

  • Ladder brackets to attach your DIY ladder

  • Complete set of all wall drawings with all dimensions included

  • Complete list of materials required

  • Complete list of all tools required


Big Kahuna: 6x8

Kit includes:

  • Powder Coated Welded Steel Base with Deck
  • Powder Coated Safety Railing
  • Powder Coated Welded Ladder: 8 or 10 Feet
  • Walls with Stand-Up Viewing Windows
  • Steel Roof with Underlayment
  • Silent Hinged, Custom Crafted Windows
  • Door with Silent Hinged Window
  • Window and Door Handle
  • Marine Grade Carpeting
  • Camo Painted Exterior
  • Painted Interior
  • Anchor Assembly
  • Small Shelf & Large Shelf
  • EZ Pull Set-Up Kit.


  • 8’ 4x4 Legs and Bracing : $299
  • 10’ 4x4 Legs and Bracing : $299
  • 12’ 4x4 Legs and Bracing : $389
  • 12’ Ladder Upgrade : $149
  • Thermo-Pane Glass Windows : $799
  • Bow/Gun Switchback Window $199 per wall
2022 Sale Price


Delivery and Installation

  • Delivery: $1.20 per mile (one way)
  • Installation: $599
  • Maximum three Blinds per day.


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